Contacts plus


Protect your existing customer database by ensuring you have the correct customer contact details. Achieve your new customer growth targets with high quality, targeted prospect lists.

Telemarketing Lists & Mailing Lists

Starting that ‘conversation’ with new prospects is an all important part of any organisation’s growth.

Telephone Append and Telephone Verification

Appending and verifying a phone number to a customer’s name and address database.

Customer Validation

Maintaining your greatest asset – your existing customer data base.

Insight segmentation and analytics

Real life insights that represent consumers’ lifestyle and address behaviours.

Address intelligence solutions

Drive success in your targeted campaigns.

Suppression lists

The Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, and NZ Deaths lists are available on all of our marketing solutions.



Need new donors? Data Zoo provides the most comprehensive targeted donor list in NZ.


Online real time data hygiene service assists organisations verify the names, contact details and addresses of your existing customer database. Identifying inaccurate information that is costing your organisation time and money.

DZIP will:

  • Verify and correct your existing address database and provide a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) on input and output address file.
  • Identify moved records.
  • Flag, Do Not Call (DNC), Do Not Mail (DNM) & Deaths Index (DL) suppression listings.


DZIP can replace the incorrect information in your database with the correct verified customer details sourced from high quality NZ Data Warranted databases. Ensuring you stay connected to your valuable customers.

DZIP will:

  • Verify and correct your existing address database and provide a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) on input and output address file.
  • Clean and standardises you customer name, address and phone particulars
  • Identify moved donors and provide new particulars, address and phone number
  • Understand your existing customer database by profiling them so as to then enable you to target similar characters with you donor prospect list.
  • Append XY’s to the addresses provided
  • Flag, Do Not Call (DNC), Do Not Mail (DNM) & Deaths Index (DL) suppression listings.


Data Zoo’s team has a wealth of data and industry experience and knowledge. We assist organisations optimise and understand your donors enabling you to communicate to them efficiently and in a cost-effective process.

Data Zoo’s consumer databases coupled with our Consumer Insights gives our customers the tools to communicate to the right audience all the time!

Data Zoo is a NZ based organisation that works with many NZ charities to maximise return on investment by providing high quality prospect lists that allow you to meet your growth objectives.


Instant Updates

No need for risky data transfer to third parties only to wait several days for your data to be returned. DZIP updates your data instantly with the capability to process 500,000 records per hour.


Simple to Use

Upload a file in a CSV or Excel format and just wait for an email response to advise that all your data has been cleaned and washed. It’s that simple!


Hygienic Data

DZIP provides direct access to our name and address hygiene solution to help you validate and append additional data to your customer data.

Our objective is to see you achieve yours

About Us

Contacts Plus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Data Zoo Limited located in Auckland committed to providing outstanding marketing services and leadership.

We have the most up to date, robust and comprehensive databases in New Zealand.

We have a wealth of experience in data solutions and a specialist team of highly committed individuals. We work directly with you and your team to provide high quality customised data services enabling you to meet your organisation’s objectives.

We believe in providing transparency around the process and outputs, we operate with integrity and we are committed to making a difference in the New Zealand market.